Apply – for free

You can sign up your company, product, or service for the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification today for free without any obligation

If you believe that your company offers a product or service that is so good that customers recommend it to their friends and acquaintances, then we recommend that you sign up today for ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification.

After you enter the information about your company, product, or service in our online form, we will check your application and, if it meets our initial check standards, it will be published on the web so that it can be publicly available.

Is there any charge?

We do not charge for the application of your company's product or service in the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend system and you have no other obligations towards us.

If your application meets the criteria of our initial check, your entry will be published and all the data you entered will be available to the public through your ICERTIAS Customers' Friend website.

This step also means that your company's product or service fulfils the basic requirements for the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend nomination.

If you want the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend official nomination – then we will contact you and, if you want to, you will go through the nomination procedure.


Nomination procedure

Once you enter the information about your company, product, or service free of charge and your entry passes the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend initial check, if you want the nomination, we will contact you and invite you to nominate yourself for the prestigious ICERTIAS Customers' Friend status.

The nomination for the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend status will be charged – depending on the size of your company. Please contact us to find out about the exact nomination fee for your particular case.


Adopting the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend Charter

One of the most essential steps in the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification procedure is adopting the ICERTIAS Customers'Friend Charter.

Read the complete charter HERE.

Those companies that cannot or do not want to accept the Charter obligations towards their users, clients, customers, and employees, can no longer compete for the official ICERTIAS Customers' Friend status.


ICERTIAS Declared Customers' Friend

Those companies that are willing to accept the obligations from the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend Charter are included in the nomination procedure, and can immediately wear the red "Declared ICERTIAS Customers' Friend" medal.

Such companies can now be evaluated by their customers and clients through the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend online form with scores (the so-called red diamonds) from 1 to 5.

The companies that win 4 or 5 red diamonds have the right to use the certification medal, i.e. the medal labelled "ICERTIAS Customers' Friend" with four or five red diamonds (depending on the number of red diamonds they have won in the voting by consumers), in their promotional activities.


Certificate validity period

Issued ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certificates are valid for a period of one year from the day they have been issued.

After this period, the company, if interested, can again go through the certification procedure and, based on the votes of its customers and clients, earn for a new period a revised, ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification medal.

Those companies that want to use the old ICERTIAS Customers' Friend medal (after the expiry of the certificate validity period) may do so with special permission from ICERTIAS, but on a limited basis – e.g. solely on the packaging and containers of their products and services, only with the designation of the year when the certificate was issued, and not in public for massive promotion (e.g. such use is not allowed in TV commercials, advertisements in newspapers, etc.).