We seek out the best for you

Our experts are continuously searching for the best organizations, companies, products and services worldwide. Subject to detailed verification and user evaluation, it is then decided which companies, products and services qualify to join our esteemed ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program and carry the red, pentagonal diamond that is the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medal

Our objective is to award ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medals to companies that invariably offer experiences of the utmost caliber.

Only companies worthy of the consumer's attention and money are included in the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program. We seek out companies, products and services that are so impressive that they are the choice consumers would recommend to their family, friends and colleagues.

Companies included in the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program

What we like to call the “WOW!” effect is the reaction that the leading companies, products and services receive in consumer recommendations to qualify for our ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend certification program.

Should you come across such a company, product or service that you consider worthy of recommendation, please let us know as we are continuously on the lookout for the next “WOW!” entity. After evaluating their viability and establishing whether all our criteria is met, we then proceed to invite them to join the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program.