Increase your market share

If you truly offer excellence and try to offer only the best to your clients, ICERTIAS Customers' Friend is a platform that can definitely help you conquer new markets and new customers more easily and more quickly

The ICERTIAS Customers' Friend project was designed at its foundation as a platform that would help consumers more easily to find outstanding products and services on the market, and which would allow companies – that are trying to offer more and better than the competition – easier access to new customers.

If your company really offers a superior product at a competitive price, ICERTIAS Customers' Friend offers a full range of tools that can help your company in facilitating recognition on the market and winning new customers.

What can ICERTIAS Customers' Friend offer that can provide a sales increase to your company:

1. Market recognition – using the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend designation sets you apart from your competitors, makes your offer more prestigious, and increases your brand’s credibility;

2. Your better integration with popular digital social networks such as Facebook, and easier acquisition of potential new customers on these platforms;

3.Better communication with your existing clients by using the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend digital panel;

4. The ICERTIAS Customers' Friend medal can be used in different markets and in different countries – making the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend medal particularly suitable for products and services that are intended for export to different markets;

5. Consumers more easily choose to buy and are willing to pay more money for a product and service recommended to them by their friends – and the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification is based exactly on that idea – to reward products and services that we ourselves are willing to recommend to our best friends;

6. The ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certificate is supported by a respected Swiss organisation ICERTIAS – International Certification Association – which provides additional value to your product and service if you display the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend medal and connect yourself to the Swiss image of the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend medal.