Checkman Charles

The ICERTIAS Customers' Friend medal is a clearly visible pentagon in the center of which there is a stylized customer whom we have named Checkman Charles

Companies, products and services whose credentials meet the strict criteria of our ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification process and join the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend program, are then at liberty to use the red, diamond ICERTIAS Customers' Friend medal with gold detail or the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend  - AWARD OF EXCELLENCE accolade in their promotional material.

The ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medal is a striking red, pentagonal diamond, red symbolizing strength, determination, safety, help and action - all sought-after traits.

Pentagons have been historically known as symbols of strength and safety, but likewise representative of democracy – the foundation of the certification methodology used for the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program.


The red pentagon in the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medal is representative of the rarest, most valuable precious stone, the red diamond.

As rare as the red diamond is in nature, so are companies that genuinely address their customers with due care and attention. It is only natural then that the consumer is imaged at the center of the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medal, just as the consumer is the core of ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend certification program.

The raised-hand imagery of the consumer, which represents the act of voting, is known as Checkman Charles. The symbolism speaks volumes of our endeavor to help consumers’ voices be heard loud and clear.

The ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program consists of two certification categories. The type of ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medal showcased by a company, product or service that has joined the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program is dependent on the level of authorization.


ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend is the basic certification level in the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program. Only companies that offer the consumer a validated, supreme user experience, can use the gold-detailed, red pentagonal diamond that is the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medal.

The ICERTIAS organization attests the quality of each company. However, in order to join the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program, companies are also asked to accept and adhere to the business regulations prescribed by the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend Declaration.

The full content of the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend Declaration can be found HERE.


Companies that are already members of the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program, and have been awarded the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medal, are able to join our consumer assessment program ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend - AWARD OF EXCELLENCE.

Through web forms, consumers can evaluate a nominated company, product or service (using a one to five diamond rating) and comment favorably or critically according to their personal experience.

Companies, products and services that earn a five-diamond rating from consumers receive the highest ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend certification rank that entails the use of the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend - AWARD OF EXCELLENCE accolade on their products and services.