The ICERTIAS Customers' Friend program consists of two certification levels. Companies that aspire to attain the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend accolade must go through several authorization steps

In order to be eligible for a red diamond medal, companies, products and services nominated under our ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program, undergo a strict selection process that includes a number of complex checks conducted by the ICERTIAS organization as well as consumers.


The initial step in obtaining the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend certification is the submission of an application. An application or nomination for a company, product or service can be submitted by a consumer or by the company itself.


We at ICERTIAS inspect each potential candidate with a particular focus on the company’s relationship with its customers. Inspection includes qualitative secondary research factors such as the company’s financial indicators, its relationship with customers and employees, and its reputation, which includes the public image of its owners and directors.

Should the nominated company meet all the certification criteria, it is then invited to accept and sign the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend Declaration and join the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend certification program.

Each company that becomes a member of the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program is then eligible to use the gold-detailed, red, pentagonal diamond that is the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medal in their promotional activity.

The diamond ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medal can be used exclusively in the promotional activity of a company that is a legal entity. It cannot be used for the promotional purposes of specific products or services of a company.


Each certified ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend company may nominate its own selected products or services for further certification.

Through the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend web questionnaire users (consumers) evaluate a nominated product or service using a five-point rating scale: one signifying the worst quality relationship and five signifying the best quality relationship with customers. These ratings are symbolically represented in the form of red, pentagonal diamonds.

Companies whose products or services receive five red diamonds from the survey respondents (consumers) are then eligible to use the five-diamond ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend - AWARD OF EXCELLENCE label in their promotional activity.


Within our ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend scheme there are circumstances where it is possible for companies, products and services to receive exceptional certification. This occurs when they are voted best in a specified independent consumer market research category, that is, when they receive the maximum rating of five red diamonds for best quality, best user experience and best customer support.

Thanks to such an accolade and special status given by the consumers themselves, we at ICERTIAS  take it upon ourselves to invite outstanding companies to join our ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program.

However, even these outstanding companies must concur with and sign the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend Declaration should they wish to join the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend program and use the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend medal.

Upon signing the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend Declaration, these companies are also eligible to use the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend - AWARD OF EXCELLENCE red, five-diamond accolade for products and services nominated best in their respective categories.